Gunsmithing Price List

Rebarrel Trued Action $175
Rebarrel (includes lapping lugs and truing action) $225
Recrown Starts at $35
Threading barrel Starts at $75
Install Brake (includes threading barrel) $100
Service/Clean $25
Service/Clean Muzzleloader $45
Bedding Action Starts at $100
Bedding Action with floating barrel Starts at $125
Floating barrel $25
Drill and Tap (per hole) $10
Lengthen forcing cone $50
Pillar bedding (includes action bedding) Starts at $150
General Repair (per hour) $25



All prices subject to change.  Any service can be refused for any reason by gunsmith.

Most work will void factory warranty.

Shep’s Sports World is not liable for previous work performed.

Firearms must be picked up within 30 days after completion or they will be sold for repair costs.

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